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  • Billy Wynne

As We Walk the Path, What Changes?

Updated: Feb 5

Along the path of mindfulness, self inquiry, and realization, interesting questions arise. We may notice new senses of calm and patience, or inspiration and energy. We may, at times, feel deeper connections with those around us, both the familiar and the new.

At the same time, we may find that old habit energies still arise. We may get frustrated that our efforts aren't delivering consistent "results." Even as we can feel comfortable that our life has changed in positive ways, with deeper and deeper inquiry, it may get harder to understand what, exactly, has changed.

I recently had the honor of offering a senior student talk at the Zen Center of Denver, where I have been a member for many years. In the talk, I focused on the path that brought me to practice Zen there and that continues - with ups and downs, twists and turns - to this day.

I invite you to listen when you have 20 quiet minutes (you can find it here). I encourage you to sit with it in peace, letting the words enter and exit, picking up whatever resonates, putting down whatever doesn't. This is your path, and only you can find out for yourself where it leads.


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