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Bespoke mindfulness instruction for organizations, offices, boards, or other groups seeking to cultivate attention, loving kindness, and peace.

While drawing from various traditions, particularly Vipassana and Zen Buddhist teachings, the training I provide is primarily informed by secular mindfulness practices that can be supportive to any spiritual path.


Each class includes a brief didactic session providing participants with background information on the mindfulness theme that day. Talks include opportunities for reflection and suggestions for further investigation.


The most important component of each session will be the opportunity to practice gently guided meditations in a supportive and positive environment.


The opportunity to be heard and inquire about the various hindrances that can arise during meditation practice is vital to generating a dedicated practice. Each session includes group discussion and Q&A with the teacher.

Course Design options

Lake at Dusk


Sample Content Choices

  • Introduction to Mindfulness, usually focused on breath, body, and thoughts

  • Intermediate Mindfulness for those with more experience, extending to topics like emotions, compassion, and forgiveness

  • Work or career-oriented mindfulness, focused on improving clarity, creativity, leadership, cooperation, etc.

  • Specifically Buddhism-oriented content can be titrated up or down per your preference

  • Personalized training materials and select guided meditation recordings included



  • 4-, 6-, 8-week classes or other personalized cadences available

  • Individual class length is typically 60-90 minutes but this is also flexible

  • Morning, midday, and evening timeframes available

  • Half- and full-day workshops 

  • If you don't see a time orientation here that suits you, please contact me and I'm confident we can design a structure that meets your needs


Pricing Considerations

  • Number of classes

  • Class duration

  • Number of participants

  • Sophistication of content

  • Location (particularly if any travel is required)

  • Substantial discounts available to non-profit, charitable, or other mission-driven organizations

  • Please contact me to identify a price that is suitable to your goals and budget

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