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Your true nature is eternal, joyous, selfless and pure.

Meditation Classes & Workshops | Mindfulness-Based Coaching


Upcoming Class:

How to Establish a Meditation Practice

In this 4-week Zoom-based course, you will learn the essentials of mindfulness meditation and address common barriers to establishing a consistent practice. Each 90-minute class will include clear instruction, Q&A, and guided meditation. The class will meet on Wednesdays from 630-8pm MT. The fee is $149. Learn more and register via the link below.

About Billy

Billy Wynne is a certified mindfulness meditation instructor, Zen Buddhist, and successful health and wellness entrepreneur. He founded a mission-driven health policy consulting firm, which he continues to lead, a globally recognized alcohol-free bar, and a digital health care informatics platform. Drawing from his personal and professional experience, Billy applies holistic, mindfulness-based practices to assist others in actualizing their greatest potential and living with peace and ease.

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Mindfulness Training

Awake Life offers bespoke mindfulness programs and workshops to offices, organizations, and private groups.

Built during my two-year training in the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, curriculum options focus on practical, empowering techniques for building presence, clarity, creativity, and fulfillment.

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Leadership Coaching

Awake Life is here to support mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs in realizing your greatest potential - the infinite possibility that is already inside of you, ready to come forth.

Applying mindfulness-based, practical techniques and leveraging my experience in management, leadership, organizational change, and more, we’ll release your greatest passion, creativity, and presence in service of your goals. 

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Charitable Giving

The Awake Life donates 10% of all revenues and book sale royalties to non-profit, charitable organizations. We also provide 50% or greater discounts on services provided to such organizations and their leaders.

Charities we and our predecessor, Awake Denver, have supported include:

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Anthony D., entrepreneur

"What I like about Billy's approach is that he comes at it having developed his practice for himself and his own business pursuits. That let me know that the methods he uses are tried and true. I find our weekly sessions to be incredibly therapeutic and, as a result, I take his guidance with me in my mind daily. And the good news is that the results are starting to show.”

Recent Course with Billy

The Empty Path

How do we greet the harried pace and persistent demands of our lives with a clear mind and open heart? Based on the teachings in his upcoming book, Billy's six-week course offered at the Zen Center of Denver will consider how to apply mindfulness practices and Buddhist teachings to your daily life: work, play, relationships, and more. Each class will include brief trainings, guided practices, and group inquiry and discussion. The course will be held in person on Wednesday evenings starting on February 7, 2024. Space is limited.

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