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Waking Up Anew

To our friends in the Awake community:

We hope that this message finds you well. Given the time since we last connected, we trust that your path has continued to evolve and, we hope, flourish.

We have been heartened to see new alcohol-free spaces continue to arise. Also, Awake has always been about more than a physical location. It’s an opportunity to be present with life, to meaningfully connect with others, and to gradually find freedom from the limiting thoughts and habits that deny us the peace and joy we deserve.

That’s why Awake Denver is becoming The Awake Life, a social enterprise focused on cultivating mindful awareness of our precious moments, realizing our truest nature, and exploring how these gifts translate to the reality of our daily lives.

Our founders, Billy & Christy Wynne, continue to deepen their alignment with the spirit of Awake. Billy will be guiding these primary elements of The Awake Life: meditation and related mindfulness instruction, drawing from his certification as a teacher under Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach; leadership coaching, consistent with his study of Presence-Based Coaching™; and writing. Billy has received a book deal from New World Library with publication in Spring 2025.

Consistent with our mission-driven legacy, The Awake Life will contribute 10% of all revenue and book royalties to charitable non-profits and offer 50% or more in discounts to such organizations and their leaders.

Christy’s work also continues with The Zero Proof Life (ZPL), an all-women group of five certified coaches who are dedicated to supporting individuals who want a life free from alcohol. Their approach combines the most successful tools from various alcohol-free programs, providing accessible and science-backed techniques.

By doing the emotional work to address things like triggers and pain points in a safe, curated group setting, ZPL is able to help people understand how these things relate to alcohol use and how to create new, healthier patterns. Whatever you feel you are missing in your journey to freedom from alcohol, they are happy to meet you wherever you are. Please follow ZPL on Instagram at @thezeroprooflife.

As always, please know you have our profound thanks for the support you have given Awake, and us. We hope you will continue to walk side-by-side with us along this ever-unfolding journey.

With love and gratitude,

Billy & Christy

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